The USURI Quality Charter

Respect for humans and the environment
We have chosen to work exclusively with local producers, taking care to promote fair trade and respecting their know-how and local customs. Our approach aims at ethics and mutual enrichment: participants are full-fledged actors in the development of their region and the respect of ecological balance. Far from being a mere supplier when the need arises, the producer is our first collaborator.
Respect for cultures and traditions
Sharing traditional knowledge and the exchange between civilizations and ancestral practices means respecting those who are behind them. This is why we insist that local producers benefit fully from this collaboration, in a fair way and with complete transparency as partners.
Respect for quality
All the ingredients in our lines are 100% natural and are obtained using a totally handcrafted treatment: manual harvest of the flowers, safe and non-mechanical distillation processes and careful, controlled bottling.
Guaranteed traceability
USURI is constantly present on Comoros, where essential oil of Ylang-Ylang is produced. We follow the entire manufacturing process (harvest, distillation, packaging) and are able to guarantee perfume professionals a totally pure product, with no additives, and a very top-quality oil.